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ACSA – Auditor Training Program (Day 1)

Classroom Course

The Auditor Training Program is a three-day course designed for individuals who will be evaluating the effectiveness of a company's Health & Safety Program. Participants will be shown how quality audits reduce risk and incidents through a systems approach. This program consists of a three-day course (Certificate of Completion) and a voluntary Qualification Audit submission (Certified Peer Auditor Certificate).

Course Topics

  • Introduction to the auditing process

  • Responsibilities of all parties involved

  • Chronological steps of an Audit process

  • How to use the ACSA Audit Document

  • Workshop

Certificate of Completion

This course has a written test and an in-depth workshop. Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on a closed-book written test and demonstrate an understanding of the practical auditing procedure.

Certified Peer Auditor Certificate

Participants may submit a qualification/self-audit (individually conducted) within three months after completing the three-day course. If the qualification/self-audit is approved by the ACSA COR department, an ACSA Peer Auditor Certificate will be issued.


Pricinples of Health and Safety Management (PHSM) must be completed before taking the Auditor Training Program (ATP).