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ACSA – Principles of Health & Safety Management (Day 1)

Classroom Course

This two-day course is an awareness level course for people who will be involved in the development and/or improvement of their company's health and safety management system (HSMS). This course meets the Partnerships in Injury Reduction standard and is one of the four required courses for any company wishing to obtain a Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Course Topics

  • Partnerships in Injury Reduction program and Certifying Partners

  • Management Leadership and Organizational Commitment

  • Hazard Assessment

  • Hazard Control Management

  • Health and Safety Committees and Representatives

  • Qualifications, Orientation, and Training  - Employee Competency

  • Other Parties at or in the Vicinity of the Work Site

  • Inspections

  • Emergency Response

  • Incident Investigation

  • System Administration



This course has a written test and a skills check component.  Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on an open-book written test and complete six skill checks for course certification.


None required at this time.